DTC/brutex was founded in 1979, Taiwan. We are continually provide the value and create the profit to our customer. We provide the valuable solution on the industrial wire brushes, abrasive and relative services. We are using 35 years on building our own supply chain and product line. We are offering a range of high quality tools, abrasive finished product and accessories.

The product line of DTC/Brutex are wire brushes with any type of handles, twisted wire brushes, and abrasive tools. Our decades of experiences in industrial supplies as well as dive deep in solutions with brushes and abrasive tools get client to success. Our development and evolution programs tightly worked with client for product optimization. We will obviously get the best partner for clients.

DTC/Brutex is a globally serving company,  our business already spread to Europe, North and South America and Asia. DTC/Brutex Headquarter are located in Taiwan, and 90% of our products are exported and sold in more than 20 countries.