Bridled Glue Brushes

Bridled Glue Brushes
Our finest quality round bridled glue brush is made with 100% hog bristle and the bonding resin is epoxy for solvent resistance. The brush part is bridled with wire to stiffen the bristle. The handle is made of Beech and a seamless steel ferrule. The Special degree of the bridled allow the user to extend the life span when they remove the wire and the worn bristle. It has a double use compare to similar fine round brushes.
This brush is suitable for glue, heavy material applicator or used as a stencil brush.


Available As
Natural Filament
Natural Wood handle



Technical Specifications
#1 to #20
Grey Bristle / Natural Wood
Epoxy Resin
Seamless Steel


Suited For
Heavy Material applications
Cold solvent process
Metal Processing
Water Base Paints
Oil Base Paints