CNC Adaptive Deburring Brush

CNC Adaptive Deburring Brush

Hand-Lace Brush with CNC machine adapted handle, which can be connected to spindle of CNC machine and perform automatic deburring process with programmed CNC path.

Hand-Lace structure bring the strongest bonding between filaments and its base, it make sure the best lifespan of the brush. we, DTC/Brutex,  has over 30 years experience on brush manufacturing, and already proved we are the best provider of Hand-Lace brush over the world. For more hand-lace brush, please refer to Hand-Laced Scratch Brushes


Technical Specifications
∅16, Customized
∅105 – ∅145, Customized
SiC / Dia-Filla., Bristle, Wool strip
A6061T1, S45C, Customized
Suited For
CNC-base deburring process
Automatic deburring machine