Staple Set Scratch Brushes


Staple Set Scratch Brushes
The small scratch brushes are with strong staple set and well engineered. The choices are include 0.15mm Stainless/Brass/Bronze/Nylon Straighten bristles with the well sanded beech wood block or qualified plastic handles.
We are providing both the staple set and the hand laced series product. This Brushes has more than 1,000 different ways to use it. No matter cleaning the small area or the heavy duty job. Also this small scratch brush also works very well on the equipment maintenance.


Available As
Any type of Metal Filament(0.08mm available)
Nylon 6.6 Filament
Well Finished Beech Handle
Plastic Handle



Technical Specifications
3 x 7, 2 x 9
Wood/Colored Plastics
Staple Set / Hand Laced


Suited For
Removal Rust
Small Area cleaning
Metal Processing
Stove/ Grill cleaning
General Cleaning Application