Scratch Brushes

Scratch Brushes
DTC/Brutex Industries Provides The whole range of the Scratch brushes which included the 3×19, 4×16, 7×16 etc… The scratch brushes have a wide application in all the heavy industries and decoration industry. The brushes is made of 0.3mm stainless wire or 0.3mm B.O.T wire. We are the biggest scratch brushes supplier in the China and we cooperate with most of the global brushes company.
The Scratch brushes is the critical tools to the welding process. All the industries which using the welding technology need to use the scratch brushes to clean the remaining rust, grease and dusts.


Available As
Any type of Metal Filament
Various Wood Handles



Technical Specifications
3×19, 4×16, …etc.(please query us)
Staple Set


Suited For
Removal Rust
Welding process
Metal Processing
Stove/ Grill cleaning
General Cleaning Application