Custom Made Products

DTC/Brutex industries have more than 30 years’ experience in producing customized brushes and abrasive products.
We provide various components to brush making, including raw materials. We have successfully developed thousands of custom solutions for our customers. Most of them being unique application brushes, includes filament, block, and machine.
We source the raw material used in manufacturing to ensure a stable supply chain, consistent quality, and economy. DTC brushes are fabricated to perform to your specification and exact application. 
DTC works closely with our clients to develop and deploy solutions that achieve our customer’s goals and
return on their investment. We take a consultative approach to addressing practical challenges. For every customer, we weigh the benefits of various methods to achieve your desired results most cost-effectively. Maximizing quality, efficiency, and ultimately improving your bottom line. 
DTC/Brutex, address Industrial brush solutions. For more details, please check our brush and abrasive mesh products. Please feel free to contact us for consulting and inquiries.

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