A good scratch brush is a useful tool for mechanican. Scratch brushes provides a fast and easy way to clean parts and tools. A quality scratch brush brings the best performance to mechanican while they doing aftercares.

Basically, the performance of scratch brushes could be discussed in to perspectives. The first one is target removal rate, and another is lifespan.

Fig1. The number of wire end

The target removal rate was greatly determinded by number of tips available of a scratch brush. This is because that over 90% operations of a scratch brush are happened on wire ends. Fig 1 displays the wire tips of a scratch brush, higher number of tips, higher target removal rate of a scratch brush.

Another key factor of performance, lifespan, can be judged by the toughness and yield strength of wires used by the scrach brush. This is because the wire will have elastic deformation during it’s operation. higher yeild strength will ensure the resistanceof wire and keep tips’ functions. Fig 2 and Fig 4 reveal the difference of wire resistance.

Fig 2 Wire with suitable resistance (after 5 times usage)
Fig 3 Wire with bad resistance (after 5 times usage)

DTC/Brutex Industrial Inc. have been proved to produce scratch brushes with high performance and best lifespan constantly since 1976. All scratch brues are made in industrial qualities to satisfy the most tough and restricted requirements of safety, efficiency, and all perspective of our industrial partners.

DTC/Brutes is able to customized all kind of scratch brushes based all cases. Any new concepts and types are welcome to have trial and developments. For more details, please check our brush products , and if you have questions, feel free to contact us:, +886 2 2545 3496.


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