CNC Adaptive Deburring Brush

  CNC Adaptive Deburring Brush   Hand-Lace Brush with CNC machine adapted handle, which can be connected to spindle of CNC machine and perform automatic deburring process with programmed CNC path. Hand-Lace structure bring the strongest bonding between filaments and its base, it make sure the best lifespan of the brush. we, DTC/Brutex,  has over …

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Grill Screen

Grill Screen Grill screen is one of us best seller for the Kitchen cleaning product line. This Product can effective clean any Hard to clean stains, grease, food remaining on the commercial Grills, Griddles. It is an effective and low-cost product to deal with the greasy equipment. It should be a very good product.   …

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6QT Bucket

6QT Bucket   ITEM: 6QT BUCKET Color: RED Weight: 170g Material: PP + Metal Handle Spec: 12PCS/CTN   Technical Specifications Weight 170g Color Red Material PolyproPylene Printing Custom made Suited For Cleaning process


HAIR/POLYESTER-FIL. DISC BRUSH Wheel Brush equipped with lots of holes using hand laced way to bring filaments to the disc. Such kinds of disc brushes brings great polishing result with polishing pastes. We are providing the disc with bristle, horse hair, Nylon, etc. For customized project, we can design and create the most suitable disc …


Staple Set Scratch Brushes

      Staple Set Scratch Brushes The small scratch brushes are with strong staple set and well engineered. The choices are include 0.15mm Stainless/Brass/Bronze/Nylon Straighten bristles with the well sanded beech wood block or qualified plastic handles. We are providing both the staple set and the hand laced series product. This Brushes has more …

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DTC net Cushion

DTC net Cushion   DTC net  Cushion version is a special developed product for the drywall and ceiling sanding. The cushioned backed giving the drywall perfect finishing. The main feature of  this product is the soft and flexible back. It is available on hand sanding and machine sanding.      Available As Discs     …

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DTC Mesh

DTC Mesh The Special structure of the DTC mesh is totally different with regular Both side coated abrasive. It is a perfect abrasive to detect and fix the defective on the Primer. It is a waterproof sanding mesh, The DTC mesh can be used both wet and dry sanding.      Available As Sheets Discs   …

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Dust free hand sanding block

Dust free hand sanding pad The dust-free sanding pad is the accessory of our dust-free sanding solution. We are providing the pneumatic backup pad for the sander and the 70x198mm/ 70mmx420mm multiple holes sanding pad. Using our tools and accessory can optimize the dust-free performance and achieve the real dust-free solution. Please do not hesitate …

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Phenolic fiberglass backing plate

Phenolic fiberglass backing plate We are the backing plate supplier of world fame flap discs and industrial brushes manufacturer. We are providing the backing plate which is high quality with the competitive price to our valued customer. We have manufactured and shipped out more than 100 million discs without any quality complainant. We can customize …

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Flap discs

Flap discs We choose the fine abrasive cloth with our own made phenolic backing plate to offer you the quality flap discs. The Flap discs are wide used in various heavy industry. All the process which relate meatal can not work without Flap discs. We are providing the various quality level flap discs from the …

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