CNC Adaptive Deburring Brush

  CNC Adaptive Deburring Brush   Hand-Lace Brush with CNC machine adapted handle, which can be connected to spindle of CNC machine and perform automatic deburring process with programmed CNC path. Hand-Lace structure bring the strongest bonding between filaments and its base, it make sure the best lifespan of the brush. we, DTC/Brutex,  has over …

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HAIR/POLYESTER-FIL. DISC BRUSH Wheel Brush equipped with lots of holes using hand laced way to bring filaments to the disc. Such kinds of disc brushes brings great polishing result with polishing pastes. We are providing the disc with bristle, horse hair, Nylon, etc. For customized project, we can design and create the most suitable disc …


Staple Set Scratch Brushes

      Staple Set Scratch Brushes The small scratch brushes are with strong staple set and well engineered. The choices are include 0.15mm Stainless/Brass/Bronze/Nylon Straighten bristles with the well sanded beech wood block or qualified plastic handles. We are providing both the staple set and the hand laced series product. This Brushes has more …

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Card cloth

Card cloth The Card Cloth is using for the plumbing industry/ battery brushes and some special process. We are offering the different dia and length card cloth. Please kindly send us your inquiry and we will provide the competitive price and stable quality level.

Double Head Brushes

Double Head Brushes The Double head brushes provide one side stiffer Bronze or Stainless filling the other side is the soft Nylon for cleaning.   It works best on the Golf club cleaning and the application which need to remove the dirt first and clean the remaining.       Available As Nylon/Synthetic Blend Bronze/ …

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Artist Brushes

Artist Brushes DTC/Brutex Provides the Various Artist brushes to our customer. All the popular style is available. Also We are good at the high end hand-made artist brushes which made by sable and high end synthetic   Available As Nylon/Synthetic Blend Sable Horse Hair/Hog Hair Rabbit Hair     Technical Specifications Size Custom made Style …

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Scratch Brushes

Scratch Brushes DTC/Brutex Industries Provides The whole range of the Scratch brushes which included the 3×19, 4×16, 7×16 etc… The scratch brushes have a wide application in all the heavy industries and decoration industry. The brushes is made of 0.3mm stainless wire or 0.3mm B.O.T wire. We are the biggest scratch brushes supplier in the …

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Hand-Laced Scratch Brushes

  Hand-Laced Scratch Brushes The Scratch Brushes is the flagship product of DTC/Brutex Industries. The small scratch brushes are hand-laced, the hand made of 0.15mm Stainless/Brass/Bronze/Nylon Straighten bristle with the well sanded beech wood block. We are providing both the staple set and the hand laced series product. This Brushes has more than 1,000 different …

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Gun Cleaning Brushes

Gun Cleaning Brushes Great double-end brush, one end has traditional-size Bronze/Stainless/Nylon bristles (With V curve) for cleaning large areas. The other brushes feature smaller bristles for the tighter space cleaning. Brushes are non-breakable and can dig out dirt without leaving the scratches on metal part. They’re perfect for cleaning breeches in any type of Firearm. …

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Abrasive Filament Brushes

  Abrasive Filament Brushes Abrasive Filament is the revolution raw material to the brushes industry. It can work as the steel filament but provide a better surface finishing process. In the modern manufacturing process, The Abrasive brushes are the essential part to get the excellent surface. The available filament of DTC/ Brutex abrasive brushes is …

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